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Prospect of software and Web Development outsourcing in Bangladesh

Prospect of software and web development outsourcing in Bangladesh

Software and Web Development outsourcing is very much beneficial for our economy compared to other sectors as all the income from IT outsourcing Service stay in Bangladesh itself. Bangladesh is rapidly grabbing the precedence on software and Web Development outsourcing around the world these days as we have much young, prospective and experienced IT professionals working with quality and less cost.

We are proud to mention that, Bangladesh is rapidly drawing attention of the developed countries mostly because of low competitive price and quality of work. Developed countries, like USA, UK, Australia and Canada are increasingly assigning our local IT companies for Website and software Development projects these days. Software and Web Development outsourcing has taken off in a most prospective way in Bangladesh. In last two years, booth employment and income from this sector have achieved a healthy growth of about 150 percent in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has grabbed the global outsourcing market for its cost effectiveness and professionalism. European Union listed Bangladesh as one of the top 20 IT outsourcing destinations in the world where Gartner listed Bangladesh in top 30 countries recently. Bangladesh is one of the most promising population demography in the world, where 50 percent of the population is below 25 years of age. Bangladesh is motorized by young motivated workforce with competitively lower rates. The significant number of prospective, young, talented IT processional in Bangladesh is available at a lower wage than other countries around the globe.

Apart from that, software and Web Development outsourcing companies in Bangladesh are doing great job in many fields such as:

Website Design
Mobile Application Development
Website Development
Web Application Development
Ecommerce Website Design and Development
Social Networking Website Design and Development
CMS Website Design and Development
Responsive Website Design and Development
Desktop Software Development
Web based Software Development

We are proud to be a part of this movement, we feel, ICT branding for Bangladesh should have an integrated approach including strong effort and professionalism instead of unorganized source of Company. It will certainly help Bangladesh to build a strong reputation around the globe.

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